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Retrieving Cookies in Python

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  • Last Updated : 16 Jul, 2020

Retrieving cookies in Python can be done by the use of the Requests library. Requests library is one of the integral part of Python for making HTTP requests to a specified URL. The below codes show different approaches to do show:

1. By requesting a session:

# import the requests library
import requests
# initialize a session
session = requests.Session()
# send a get request to the server
response = session.get('')
# print the response dictionary


{‘1P_JAR’: ‘2020-04-30-07’, ‘NID’: ‘203=GIlzlNytcSGjMtV-ML49xgKQax4NACMgFZi56sbQ3tSd9uDqL7EWZ6KC_gUqPsKkk-XsDIlca8ElKqhjsHGgWrPRwbbPBFXxcGL_G5Jd0gzdQYhCo-QALsZm4zItqIeImlBBTp_TDOgRQIW0d2hSNerxmQkljluhIA3QGLgNLnM’}

2.By requesting cookies list from the server:

import requests
r = requests.get('')
for c in r.cookies:
    print( +"==>>", c.value)


1P_JAR==>> 2020-04-30-07

NID==>> 203=YvFCKkIeHS4SvpTVv8jw6MIGEU54IlN8V_1aQZrXmOU7Zdj74qZdW69E3A38KSP-GrE5xLmR40ozrHTFxkXm4-iaTm4DbhU4cwmvOWHEs1OZELI8H8KQLmBLCxccxCuHT07QQ2mqc-ppBYXhcHtOC7idVc9RWD2kmNPDMR-YMl4

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