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Resolution Days 2021 – Step Into a New You This Year!

Last Updated : 12 Mar, 2024
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Finally, the year 2020 is all set to bid us goodbye and the New Year 2021 is just about to come with a lot of new dreams, goals, and plans in everyone’s lives. As brilliantly said by someone – “A New Year brings us the chance to set things right and be ready for the new opportunities“. We’re pretty much sure that each and every geek out there would also be excited about their new year eve’s plans, and to make it more amazing and remarkable, GeeksforGeeks is coming up with the Resolution Days 2021 that will consist of numerous striking events and offers to give you a flying start to this New Year.  


*Celebrate the Resolution Days 2021 from January 08-10, 2021 with us!!*

Okay, so tell us what do you all want…?

  • Heavy Discounts and Free Courses?
  • Exciting Coding Challenges?
  • Experts Sessions?
  • Wheel of Fortune?  

No worries, in this Resolution Days 2021 event, we will fulfill all these demands and wishes of yours along with some other exciting offers and events. Now, without wasting much time, let’s get to know about all these offers & events in detail:

1. Expert Sessions

Wouldn’t it be great to start the new year 2021 with some new advice and guidance from the experts themselves? Yes! At Resolution Days 2020, we’re providing you with the Expert Session for all the 3 days and you all are strongly recommended to not miss out on these industry superstars who have immense knowledge to impart! The details for the Expert Session program are provided below:


08-Jan-2021 Friday 5:00 PM IST

09-Jan-2021 Saturday 5:00 PM IST

10-Jan-2021 Sunday 5:00 PM IST

2. Wheel of Fortune

Do you want to check how the luck is favoring you in 2021? If yes, then we have a Wheel of Fortune for you and you all are welcome to come and find out how lucky you are this new year! And yes, there are a lot of exciting prizes and rewards in this Wheel of Fortune that you can get with just a single click (Obviously, may the luck be with you!).

3. Geeks Glory

No doubt that a New Year calls for new Beginnings but yes, let’s not forget all that we achieved this past year as well! In this Geeks Glory chapter of Resolution Days 2021, you’ll get to know how GeeksforGeeks helped students across the globe in achieving their goals and the immense support that we’ve got from the students last year.  

4. New Year You Sale

This New Year, get a jump start on your dreams with the NEW YOU SALE! In this sale, you can get various premium GeeksforGeeks Courses with a heavy discount of up to 50% off. On each day of Revolution Days 2021, there will be a discount on various worthwhile courses for each and every geek out there. Some of these premium courses are:

5. Happiness Ahead!

Wait, wait…there is an extra dose of happiness for you ahead! How would it feel to get 100% off? Yes, you heard it right! We’re providing you with a chance to get the premium GeeksforGeeks Courses without any cost i.e. absolutely FREE! So, do come and witness the offer where you will study now and pay never!

6. A Letter to My Younger Self

You might have got an idea about it with its name itself! So, this ‘A Letter to My Younger Self ‘ is a compilation of all influencers/YouTubers giving advice to their younger selves. It will provide you with much-needed motivation and strength that will help you to hustle for your goals consistently throughout the year. It will create a cloud of positivity and self-belief around you – hence you’re strongly recommended to be a part of this.

You can watch the video from An Advice By Your Favorite YouTubers.

7. Hall of Fame!

Don’t you think the geeks who achieve their goals with their sheer dedication and commitment deserve to be standing in the hall of fame? With this genuine concern, in the Hall of Fame chapter at Resolution Days 2021, we’ll provide you with a testimonial of such achievers. You should definitely explore this as it will help you to get some valuable insights from the experiences and journey of these individuals.  

8. Pop Quiz Alert!

As we told you earlier that from learning sessions to exciting contests, we’ve everything for you in Resolution Days 2021. So, it’s time for a Pop Quiz! In this Pop Quiz Alert contest, you will get a new quiz every day and after completing it, you will be guided as to which course is best for you (what can be more worthwhile than this?). All you need to do is take this short quiz and then let us guide you as to which course is best suited to your capabilities.

9. Code of the Day

How can an event for the tech enthusiasts be organized without having a Coding Challenge? And so we’ve organized a Code of the Day also where you will get one problem each day and if you submit correct answers across all three days, you’re in for a Geeky reward then! It is indeed the best opportunity for all individuals to showcase their programming skills and to win some exciting prizes.

Well, is there anything else left that you need or want to give this new year 2021 a flying start? Most probably, not any as Resolution Days 2021 is providing you with all the fun, remarkable deals and offers, guidance & mentorship, and a lot more things. So, this new year, step into a new you with GeeksforGeeks Resolution Days 2021!

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