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Resetting a root password in Linux without external media

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We have to follow 8 steps to crack root password without using any external media

  • Step-1 :¬†Reboot the system and interrupt the boot loader countdown timer by pressing any key except enter.
  • Step-2 : ¬†Find the entry that is normally booted, and change it to halt execution during the initial ram disk.
    • 2.1. Use the cursor keys to highlight the entry that is normally booted and press e
    • 2.2. Use the cursor to move to the line that has the kernel and kernel arguments. This line normally starts with
      linux16 or linuxefi.
    • 2.3. Move the cursor to the end of line by pressing End, and add rd.break.
    • 2.4. Press Ctrl+x to boot using the modified stanza and you will get a command line interface.
    • Step-3: On command line Interface you have to write command
      # mount -o remount,rw /sysroot

      Here we are mounting the system read-write . The file system is mounted under /sysroot.

    • Step-4 : Change the working root to /sysroot directory.
      # chroot /sysroot
    • Step-5 : Now you can change password
      #passwd root
    • Step-6 : Now make sure that all the unlabeled files(like /etc/shadow) get relabeled during boot so run the command
      #touch /.autorelabel

    • Step-7 : Now by running command exit you can exit from interactive shell.
      # exit
    • Step-8 : Now again run exit command by which you can exit from command line interface and booting process will start again with new root password.
      # exit

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Last Updated : 29 Sep, 2022
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