Requirements and feature of Good Prototyping CASE tool

Requirements of a prototyping CASE tool:
Prototyping is beneficial to know the necessities of complicated package product, to demonstrate an idea, to plug new concepts, and so on. The vital options of a prototyping CASE tool are as follows:

  • Define user interaction
  • Define the system management flow
  • Store and retrieve knowledge needed by the system
  • Incorporate some processing logic

Features of a good prototyping CASE tool:
There are many complete prototyping tools. however, a tool that integrates with the information wordbook will create use of the entries within the data dictionary, facilitate in populating the information wordbook and make sure the consistency between the planning data and also the paradigm. a decent prototyping tool ought to support the subsequent features:

  • Since one among the most uses of a prototyping CASE tool is graphical program (GUI) development, prototyping CASE tool ought to support the user to make an interface employing a graphics editor. The user ought to be allowed to outline all knowledge entry forms, menus and controls.
  • It ought to integrate with the information wordbook of CASE surroundings.
  • If doable, it ought to be able to integrate with external user outlined modules written in C or some in style high-level programming languages.
  • The user ought to be able to outline the sequence of states through that a created paradigm will run. The user ought to even be allowed to manage the running of the paradigm.
  • The run time system of paradigm ought to support mock runs of the particular system and management of the input and output knowledge.

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