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Replacing column value of a CSV file in Python

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 02 Sep, 2020
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Let us see how we can replace the column value of a CSV file in Python. CSV file is nothing but a comma-delimited file.

Method 1: Using Native Python way 

Using replace() method, we can replace easily a text into another text.  In the below code, let us have an input CSV file as “csvfile.csv” and be opened in “read” mode. The join() method takes all lines of a CSV file in an iterable and joins them into one string. Then, we can use replace() method on the entire string and can perform single/multiple replacements. In the entire string, the given text is searched and replaced with the specified text.


The input file will be:


# reading the CSV file
text = open("csvfile.csv", "r")
#join() method combines all contents of 
# csvfile.csv and formed as a string
text = ''.join([i for i in text]) 
# search and replace the contents
text = text.replace("EmployeeName", "EmpName"
text = text.replace("EmployeeNumber", "EmpNumber"
text = text.replace("EmployeeDepartment", "EmpDepartment"
text = text.replace("lined", "linked"
# output.csv is the output file opened in write mode
x = open("output.csv","w")
# all the replaced text is written in the output.csv file


Method 2: Using Pandas DataFrame

We can read the CSV file as a DataFrame and then apply the replace() method.


# importing the module
import pandas as pd 
# making data frame from the csv file 
dataframe = pd.read_csv("csvfile1.csv"
# using the replace() method
dataframe.replace(to_replace ="Fashion"
                 value = "Fashion industry"
                  inplace = True)
dataframe.replace(to_replace ="Food"
                 value = "Food Industry"
                  inplace = True)
dataframe.replace(to_replace ="IT"
                 value = "IT Industry"
                  inplace = True)
# writing  the dataframe to another csv file
                 index = False)


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