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Rename all file names in your directory using Python

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Given multiple files in a directory having different names, the task is to rename all those files in sorted order. 
We can use OS module in order to do this operation. The OS module in Python provides functions for interacting with the operating system and provides a portable way of using operating system-dependent functionality. We can go to the current working directory using os.getcwd() method and rename the files with os.rame() method. 

Below is the Python implementation : 


# Python program to rename all file
# names in your directory
import os
for count, f in enumerate(os.listdir()):
    f_name, f_ext = os.path.splitext(f)
    f_name = "geek" + str(count)
    new_name = f'{f_name}{f_ext}'
    os.rename(f, new_name)



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Last Updated : 15 Aug, 2021
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