Remove duplicates from a sorted linked list using recursion

Write a removeDuplicates() function which takes a list sorted in non-decreasing order and deletes any duplicate nodes from the list. The list should only be traversed once.

For example if the linked list is 11->11->11->21->43->43->60 then removeDuplicates() should convert the list to 11->21->43->60.

Traverse the list recursively from the head (or start) to end and after completion of recursion calls, compare the next node(returned node) and current node(head). If data of both nodes are equal then return the next (head-> next) node else return the current node(head).

Functions other than removeDuplicates() are just to create a linked linked list and test removeDuplicates().





/* C Program to remove duplicates
 from a sorted linked list */
#include <bits/stdc++.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
/* Link list node */
struct Node {
    int data;
    struct Node* next;
/* The function removes duplicates from a sorted list */
struct Node* removeDuplicates(struct Node* head)
    /* if head is null then return*/
    if (head == NULL)
        return NULL;
    /* Remove duplicates from list after head */
    head->next = removeDuplicates(head->next);
    // Check if head itself is duplicate
    if (head->next != NULL && 
        head->next->data == head->data) {
        Node* res = head->next;
        delete head;
        return res;
    return head;
/* Function to insert a node at 
   the beginning of the linked list */
void push(struct Node** head_ref, int new_data)
    struct Node* new_node = new Node;
    new_node->data = new_data;
    new_node->next = (*head_ref);
    (*head_ref) = new_node;
/* Function to print nodes in a given linked list */
void printList(struct Node* node)
    while (node != NULL) {
        printf("%d ", node->data);
        node = node->next;
/* Drier program to test above functions*/
int main()
    /* Start with the empty list */
    struct Node* head = NULL;
    /* Let us create a sorted linked list to test the functions
    Created linked list will be 11->11->11->13->13->20 */
    push(&head, 20);
    push(&head, 13);
    push(&head, 13);
    push(&head, 11);
    push(&head, 11);
    push(&head, 11);
    printf("\n Linked list before duplicate removal ");
    /* Remove duplicates from linked list */
    struct Node* h = removeDuplicates(head);
    printf("\n Linked list after duplicate removal ");
    return 0;



Linked list before duplicate removal 11 11 11 13 13 20 
 Linked list after duplicate removal 11 13 20

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