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Remote Access Trojan

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One of the most powerful Trojans that are popularly used by the attacker or hacker is Remote Access Trojan. This is mostly used for malicious purposes. This Trojan ensures the stealthy way of accumulating data by making itself undetected. Now, these Trojans have the capacity to perform various functions that damages the victim. The Remote Access Trojans can also look like authentic applications when downloaded, the RAT also gets itself downloaded. It enables the attacker to get control over the targeted device.

History of Remote Access Trojan :

This Remote Access Trojan popularity increased in the year of 2000s. In this period people didn’t have sufficient knowledge of how this virus spreads on the internet and what is antivirus? There were some types of Remote Access Trojan that fall as a suspect. The dangerous part was it can be used without any knowledge. For example- sub seven provided an interface that was easy for the attacker to steal the passwords and more. The development of the tool allowed the attacker to profit from the information they have accumulated. 

What is Remote Access Trojans?

The Remote Access Trojans get themselves downloaded on a device if the victims click on any attachment in an email or from a game. It enables the attacker to get control over the device and monitor the activities or gaining remote access. This RAT makes itself undetected on the device, and they remain in the device for a longer period of time for getting data that may be confidential.

Functions of Remote Access Trojan :

  • It can be used to monitor the user by using some spyware or other key-logger.
  • It can be used to activate the webcam.
  • It can be used to record video.
  • It can be used to delete files, alter files.
  • This Remote Access Trojan can also be used to capture screenshots.

Examples of a Remote Access Trojan Attack :

  • Remote Access Trojan can be sent as an attachment or link. It will be sent in the form of an email and the email will appear to come from a place that is trustworthy. If the attachment gets clicked by the user, the RAT gets downloaded. This type of attack stands for the spear-phishing attack.
  • This can also be used in the form of the Man in the Middle attack.

Note – Nowadays there are tools that we can use to Remote Access a device. This software is used by the attacker to perform a fraud on any user who falls into the trap of the attacker. 

Prevention of the Remote Access Trojan :

  • The anti-virus should always be updated.
  • The user should not download from any non-trusted source.
  • The user should avoid going to any links that may look suspicious.
  • Users should avoid downloading from any untrusted source.

There are some software detection tools by which we can use to detect Remote Access Trojan :

  • SolarWinds security manager
  • Snort
  • Security Onion
  • Samhain

Advantage of Remote Access Trojans :

  • It can be used to capture screenshots.
  • The attacker can activate the webcam, or they can record video.
  • The RAT can be used to delete the files or alter files in the system.
  • It can also be used to capture screenshots.

Disadvantage of using Remote Access Trojans :

  • As it uses the Bandwidth of the user, the user may experience the internet to be slow.

Last Updated : 22 Feb, 2021
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