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Reliance Jio Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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It was an On-Campus placement drive. First, we all fill the registration form given by Jio. Company send us the selected students …they selected 150 students from registered students. And there were 3 Rounds for selection.

Round 1: Aptitude +Coding Exam (medium) 40 students selected

Aptitude questions are basic like time, averages, distance, work and time, etc.

Round 2: Technical interview (easy level) 20 students selected

In the Technical interview, they asked me the OOP concept and related to my projects and some questions related to DBMS

Round 3: HR Interview (easy level) 16 got selected finally I was one of them, but later I got selected in TCS. So I accepted the TCS offer letter.  

In the final round of the HR Interview, they asked me about my routine and some basic questions related to my final year project.  

Last Updated : 02 Mar, 2021
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