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Relationship Between VPN and Firewall

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  • Last Updated : 09 Sep, 2022
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Nowadays, technology plays a vital role in our day-to-day life activities Which promotes the World to bring new innovation in the field of modernization, and globalization. Although we know that technology has improved people’s life but it also has demerits which include Plagiarism, Digital fraud, Phishing,  Pharming, etc. To protect a network we can use VPN or firewall. 

In this article we will see, relationship between VPN and Firewalls

Relationship between VPN and Firewalls



A VPN (a virtual private network), changes your network address(IP)  by conducting your computer address through a remote server into another location or shielding you from getting your private data leaked. This makes it a secure choice for companies whose employees work from home or a remote location. To read more about VPNs please refer to the article Virtual Private Network (VPN).


Nowadays, Increased use of Internet-related activities in day-to-day activities has shown us that it also has its demerits. So, In order to protect us, we came up with the term known as Firewall. To read more about firewalls you can refer to the article Introduction of Firewall.

A firewall is a very well-known solution for all these activities. Its main objective is to obstruct the legitimate-looking site which tends to acquire the user’s personal information. It plays a salient role in protecting users’ digital data by creating a layer of protective walls.

 Relation between VPN and Firewall:

By using a firewall, you can access the Internet effectively, but unknown site penetration access is blocked by the firewall. By using the VPN service, remote access and networks are encrypted. The Following relation between VPN and Firewall is listed below.

  • Firewalls prevent cyber attacks by building a strong protective wall to protect user’s confidential data. On the other hand VPN keep your location unknown to others by creating a proxy network for secure connection.
  • VPN allows you to access the restricted sites with a secure connection, while firewall can only create a layer of restrictions that you have accessed.
  • Firewalls use your choice to block access to certain sites. While using a VPN, one can access the same site over a long period of time.
  • Firewalls focus on blocking websites. While VPN, Focuses on a private connection. 
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