REI Systems Interview Experience Java (3+ years for salesforce dev position)

I was interviewed for the position of salesforce developer, they had criteria, the candidate must have java working experience.

Round 1:  

#programming test- Two programs were given

  1. WAP to check the given input is Integer or Not
  2. WAP to remove vowels from input string

Round 2:

#Aptitude test – which had 50 questions

  1. 20 Questions on core java MCQ
  2. 10 Questions on predict the output of java programs.
  3. 5 Questions on SQL
  4. 10 Questions on front-end technologies like html basic tags, JS code snippets.
  5. 5 Questions on Logical aptitude

Round 3: 

#F2F interview –  i was asked basic questions like

  1. what is overloading, advantages of overloading
  2. How will you compare Objects.
  3. How will you find duplicate numbers from Array, more asking on time-complexity
  4. How will you print the frequency of duplicate numbers
  5. what is Normalization process? He asked me if i have file system like structure, like

ROOT —>Folder_1—->Folder1_1——>File1_1_1.txt


like structure, how will you design database for above scenario. i stumbled upon 3-4 approaches, finally interviewer

helped me with suggestion, How many Entities are present in given Scenario? so simple solution is find the number of entities present in scenario, make them as tables and maintain relation between these tables so that any tuple can be accessed. For example in my scenario there will be 2 tables Folder(folder_name, path_to _the_file, File_id…) and Files(File_id, Parent_directory, …..)

Round 4:

#Senior manager –

  1. i was asked questions like, tell me about your roles and responsibilities in your current project.
  2. what is the most challenging thing you have done in that project.
  3. also he briefed me about the company and kind of work they do.

HR of the company told me the feedback of my interview was positive, still HR round is pending.

Hope this experience will help you guys. Thank You 🙂





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