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Redpine Signals, Inc Hyderabad Interview Experience | Set 1

  • Last Updated : 28 Jan, 2017

Written Test:
Questions asked From fallowing concepts:
1. Aptitude
2. C aptitude Questions (very easy vectorians easily crack those)
3. OS basic commands
Q1. How will you copy all files in one directory (which consists of sub-directiories also) to another directory.Ans :cp –R dir1 dir2
4. General Knowledge Questions
1.”Pucket” word used in which Sport?
2. What is the Tata company JLR? Ans:Jarguon Land Rover
3. What is LTE? Ans:Long Term Evaluation (4G Technology)

Questions on C programing :
1. Explain about storage classes in C?
2. What is the use of header file?
3. One variable defined in one file and if u want to use that variable in two or more files what will you do?
4. Output of the fallowing c code

struct node
  int a;
  char b[];
void main()
  struct node var;
  printf(“sizeof structure=%d\n”,sizeof(var));


5. Explain dynamic memory allocation? What is the difference between malloc() and calloc() ?
6. What is function pointer?declare function pointer to function which accepts two integers and returns float ?practical use of function pointer?
7. Write a program to find the position of first non-zero bit?
8. Where local,static and global variables stored in the primary memory?

Questions on operating system:
1. what is semaphore and binary semaphore?
2. What is API? how system call works?
3. Explain about IPC techniques?
4. What will happen when Interrupt occur?
5. How interrupt handles in OS?
6. Explain open() system call and file descriptor?
7. What is preemptive and Non-preemtive scheduling ?
8. Explain Dead lock conditions
9. What is ISR?
10. What is Virtual memory and Physical Memory?

Questions on Embedded Systems
1. Tell me about yourself
2. What is Embedded system?
3. Difference between Embedded and Non Embedded Systems?
4. Draw Block diagram of Embedded system and Explain Each component present in the embedded system.
5. Explain about SPI and I2C Protocols and what is the difference between them? And where they used in practical?
6. Explain about UART Interface and what is the speed of UART?
7. Which has the fast data rate among UART,USB,SPI and I2C ?
8. What is RTOS?
9. Explain about Soft real time system and Hard Real Time system?
10. Explain About LINUX Device Drivers.
11. Explain Vector Project In Detail

Questions on NETWORKING:
1. Explain about OSI reference Model and Explain Each Layer in it?
2. Why TCP/IP called so instead of calling TCP and IP individually?
3. Explain TCP/IP reference Model? Explain about Each Layer?
4. What is Protocol?
5. What is SMTP protocol and where it is Present?
6. Difference between TCP and UDP?
7. Where IP protocol Present?
8. What is MAC Address how many bits it is?
9. In which Layer MAC address Present?

Simple Questions:
1. Tell me About Yourself.
2. What you know about Redpine signals?
3. Why we hire you?
4. How is the Vector Training? When your course Completed?
5. What is most memorable event in your life?
6. Any questions to ask?

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