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redBus Interview Experience for Software Engineer | On-Campus 2021

  • Last Updated : 05 Oct, 2021

Redbus visited our campus in the month of September 2021 for Software Engineer role. The shortlist for the online test was done on the basis of 2 parameters:

  1. Parameter 1: 10th & 12th/Diploma marks – 87% & above
  2. Parameter 2: BE CGPA – 8.5 & above

Round 1(Online Test): Test was moderate with 23 MCQs and 3 programming questions. MCQs were fine with questions on java concepts, c++ code snippets, and moderate aptitude questions. Coding was a bit tough.

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One of the questions that I remember is:

Write a program in the language of your choice to find out how many minutes M will it take for a phone to reach from charge A to charge B (A and B are inputs, M should be the output). The rate at which it gets charged at different levels was given. 


For example:
0<= C <= 10 : 8 mins
11<= C <= 50 : 6 mins
And so on

Sample: If A= 0 and B=5 then M is 8 because in 8 minutes it reaches 10 
charge which is greater than 5.

Getting the output for at least 1 program along with decent performance in MCQs was sufficient to clear the test.

46 out of 211 students were shortlisted for the next round

Round 2:(Technical Interview 1):

  • Introduce yourself
  • Coding question to solve ( first occurrence of a number, binary search (palindrome, sorting for others)) and even explain the approach used with time complexity.
  • Questions regarding projects are mentioned in the resume. I was asked to show the code if the code is there in the system.
  • They shared a document having 2 coding questions (divisibility by 3, 5, or 10 & print element that is in the same position in 2 unequal length lists), 2 MCQ of guess the output (pointer questions), and 2-3 logical questions (relationship, number pattern, etc) which I was asked to solve.

30 students were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 3(Technical Interview 2):

  • Introduce yourself
  • Technical questions regarding oops concepts of java joins and normalization in DBMS etc.
  • Questions and discussions regarding projects.
  • Advantages of python and java over each other.
  • Coding question on finding the minimum element appearing before the maximum element in a list.

20 students were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 4(HR Round): 3rd level of discussion 

  • Technical questions like the implementation of stacks, stacks using queues or vice versa
  • Design a database table for a bus traveling from so and so time to so and so destinations.
  • HR questions like what was the most difficult situation encountered in life
  • How did you handle differences between your project partner while working on the project etc?
  • What are you passionate about in life?
  • Which technology would you like to work on in redbus

8 students were selected for a full-time offer.

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