Red18 Tech IoT internship Experience | Off campus (Bangalore)

I got the interview opportunity via internshala

Round 1: This was written round as usual.Since my internship was based on IoT, i got questions on sensors and modules like Bluetooth, RFID, wifi, ultrasonic sensor, IoT libraries, embedded C, basic C/C++(to find error) and few questions on various IoT platforms like adafruit.

Round 2:This round was all about interaction with the recruiter.He gave me various situations with their limitations and conditions.I was asked to brainstorm and answer how i would implement the project.For instance, i was asked about a device that would help blind people to recognize a person using facial recognition standing at their door, while the person is sitting inside.

Pro Tip:Focus on practical knowledge, unlike most of the online/offline courses which teach the basics of the real world IoT


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