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Rebel Foods Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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Rebel Foods came to our campus with the profile of Software Development Engineer (Backend) in the year 2021.

Round 1(Online Test): The online test was completely MCQ-based. There were 45 questions to be done in 55 mins. The 45 questions were divided into two sections: 15 questions aptitude and 30 questions core subjects knowledge

After the test 55 students were shortlisted for the next rounds.

Round 2(Technical 1): In the start, the interviewer made me comfortable then he explained me how he has planned the interview process. He told me that the interview process will be divided into 4 sections: In the first section he firstly introduced himself and then asked me to introduce myself. This took around 5 to 7 mins.

  • In the 2nd part he asked me talk about any one of my project which I had mentioned in my resume. This section took around 35 mins. On the basis of the discussion, he asked me cross-questions. My project was on Sentiment Analysis so he asked me basic questions related to NLP and machine learning.
  • The next part was mostly my skills and knowledge of core subjects. He asked me about some favorite subjects and then asked me questions related to them.
  • He asked me a puzzle too and I was able to answer it with his hint:
  • Lastly, he asked me if I had any questions for him. And I asked him a few questions like what will I be doing in the job and what will be the onboarding like.
  • Then the first interview got over.

I got a mail for the next round after 30 mins.

Round 3(Technical 2): In this interview the interviewer firstly introduced himself and then asked me to introduce myself after that he sent me a doc file and asked me questions from it.

  • The first question was to write the most efficient code for telling whether a number is prime or not and asked me the reason for it. You can take your time to answer and keep telling what you are thinking clearly to the interviewer. He will guide you in the righ direction.
  • The second question was to design a database on the basis of the situation he described.
  • The third question was a puzzle related to Rubik’s cube which was very simple. Mostly related to the number of smaller cubes.
  • Then he asked if I had any questions for him.
  • Then the interview got over.

The mail for the next round came after 30 mins again.

Round 4(HR Round): The interviewer was very friendly and made me very comfortable.

  • She asked me to introduce myself on basis of some points she mentioned.
  • That is how will I be an asset to the company. And how my skills will help the company grow.
  • Why Rebel Foods?
  • Where do I see myself in 3 years? Then she asked if I had any questions for her.


  • Be confident in what you say or answer.
  • Interact with the interviewer.
  • Basics should be strong.

In this way, all the interviews concluded. And I was given the offer letter after a few days. A total of 12 candidates were selected at the end of the interview process.

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Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2021
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