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Rebel Foods Interview Experience for SDE (On-Campus) 2022

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  • Last Updated : 13 Sep, 2022
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Rebel Foods came to our college to hire final-year students for SDE roles. There were total of 4 rounds in the whole selection process.

Online Test: First round was a 55-minute online test on Cocubes.

There were MCQs based on logical reasoning and aptitude. If you prepare well for the test you can easily clear this round. Around 25-30 students were selected for further rounds.

Technical Interview Round 1 ( 1 hour): In this round firstly interviewer introduced himself and then asked me to introduce myself. After that he directly moved to coding questions :

  • The first question he asked me was a simple string anagram problem To check whether two given two strings are anagrams of each other. he asked me to just explain the approach, so I explained to him about my approach (using a map) and he was quite satisfied with that.
  • Then he gives me another simple question about the array Count frequency of each array element. Again he asked me to just explain the approach and so I explained to him counting frequency using a map and he was okay with my answer.
  • Then he asked me a question related to the linked list Find the middle of the given linked list. I explain to him to use two pointer approaches (slow and fast pointer), and he was satisfied with that.
  • He asked me another question on the linked list based on two pointer approach Detect and remove loop in a linked list. I didn’t know the exact approach to this, but he was very supportive, he just want to know that would I use two pointer approach in this or not. I just told him that we can solve this also with a slow and fast pointer approach with little explanation and he was satisfied with that.
  • Then he asked me the last question on the tree Left view of the binary tree, I explained to him my approach using a queue similar to level order traversal and he was okay with that.
  • Then he asked me to ask him any question if I want, then I asked him what he did in Rebel Foods and when joined

That’s all from the first round, this was my first interview in life and I was quite confident about being selected for the next round. After 1 hour I got a call from HR that the interviewer was waiting in the call for the second round.

Technical Interview Round 2 ( 1 hour) In this round again first interviewer introduces himself and asked me to tell about myself and my college experience. In this round, he didn’t ask me any coding questions he told me that he was satisfied with my feedback from the first round.

  • So he started explaining a scenario to me. He asked me to suppose you are a developer in our company and you have to build the home page of your application in a way that only food items that users like will be shown.
  • I explained to him that we can customize our page according to items liked or ordered by users in the past by fetching details from the database. He was quite impressed with my answer.
  • Then he further twisted his question, what if the user was not registered with us and he was new to the application, then how will we build a page so that the user comes again to our application?
  • I explained to him that we can fetch our most ordered items from da database and customize the age according to that data.
  • Then he cross-questioned me what if most ordered food is non-veg and the user is vegetarian.
  • Then I told him that we can add the best of both veg and non-veg separately. He was satisfied with that.
  • Then he gives me SQL queries from the same scenario, which I was not able to answer properly. It was related to Join in SQL. But he was already satisfied with my solutions, so he said okay no problem.
  • At last, he asked me to ask him any questions and I asked him how Rebel foods are different from zomato and swiggy.

that’s all from this round, I was waiting for the third and last round. After 15 min I got a call for the HR round.

HR Round (20 min): This round was also on google meet, I waited for 5 min for HR to join then we started

  • She asked me to introduce myself and the Projects I did during my college time (I was not asked about projects in both technical rounds). I explained to her about my 2 projects which I did in brief.
  • Then she asked me to tell her about a time when I was very low and how I overcomes that time. I told her about one of my low times.
  • After that, she asked me to wait for the final result.

Finally, the result came after waiting for 2 days 10 students were selected and I was also one of them.


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