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Rebel Foods Interview Experience for SDE-1(Backend Engineer)

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  • Last Updated : 23 Sep, 2021
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The post that Rebel Foods Formerly Faasos was looking for, was of SDE-1 Backend Engineer. The branches that were eligible to be a part of the process were CSE, IT, and MCA.

SCREENING TEST(EASY) – The first round was a screening test that included some aptitude and coding-based MCQs. It was around a one hours test with 50 questions that were held on Co-Cubes(AON DIGITAL) platform. A total of 150 candidates took the test and 45 were shortlisted for the interview rounds.

Interviews were scheduled after 3 to 4 days.

Round 1(Interview – Medium): 12:00-1:00 PM

  • The first round of interviews was a bit on the tougher side.
  • The interviewer after a healthy introduction jumped into my projects.
  • Firstly he asked me about my kaggle projects and asked me to share my screen and show them too. He viewed all my Kaggle projects as I was a kaggle expert and then moved on to my android projects that were mentioned in my resume.
  • He asked me whether I had launched any of my apps on the play store which I hadn’t so he asked me to show him the code over Github. He requested me to show the code where I had used some API calls, so I showed him how I used google maps API in my android code and he was satisfied with that. After discussing my projects he moved over to DSA. The DSA question I was asked was, a medium-level question that I was able to solve.
  • The next question was to write a SQL query in which He gave me a table of student data like, name, subject, result(pass/fail) and asked me to print the names of students who failed in 2subjects. I was not well versed with SQL but after 5-10 mins I was able to solve this query using nested queries.
  • He was completely satisfied with the first approach I gave and asked me to code it on any online IDE.
  • Lastly he asked whether I had any questions for him too which I asked him about the tech stack upon which REBEL FOODS is working.

This was the end of my first round. A total of 15 students were selected after this round.

Round 2(Interview – Medium): 2:00-3:00 PM

  • The interviewer of this round was a very experienced person and a senior software engineer at REBEL FOODS. After a formal introduction, he jumped into coding questions and asked me to explain what is a “PALINDROME” and write a code to check whether a number is a palindrome or not. He then asked me about the time complexity and if I could perform the task in less time or not. I was able to code that bit too.
  • The next question was, which I was able to code very easily.
  • In midst of coding, he asked me questions about stack and queues and the difference between them.
  • After this, he moved on to some DBMS-related questions and asked what is INDEXING in DBMS. I explained to him indexing but he kept on digging inside the question, where it’s useful and where harmful, how to use it, and examples.
  • When he was satisfied with this he told me that now he would be shooting some general questions onto me so he started by asking what is 3rd Newton’s law of motion is with an example.
  • Then he checked my backend development skills by asking me caching, cookies, and demographics-related questions. I was able to answer all his queries and at last, he inquired whether I had any questions for him. I asked him about the work culture of the company and his experience in the organization.

A total of 9 students were selected for the HR round.

HR Round(3:30-4:00 PM) – This was the best ever HR round that I ever gave.

  • My interview was taken by the HR manager at the organization, who was very friendly and great to have a talk with the person.
  • She asked me how as a backend engineer could improve the customer experience,
  • Why we should hire you
  • Where do I see myself in the upcoming 2 to 4 years
  • my biggest regret in life
  • my greatest achievement that I can boast of
  • my hobbies and about my family background.
  • In the end, she told me about my nervousness and asked me to sit with a free mind and don’t take much stress in interviews.

This round took 30 mins and it was an extremely good interaction with HR.

FINAL VERDICT- 4 out of 9 were selected and luckily I WAS ONE OF THEM.

A piece of advice:

  • Always ask some questions at the end of an interview like the tech stack, the company is working upon or about the life of the interviewer at the organization, or something about the work culture.
  • Prepare your projects well, you must be able to explain the project code and show him, better if launched .otherwise on GITHUB. Don’t copy others’ projects, build your own so explaining the code won’t be a problem. Do give heed to SQL, DBMS, OS, and CN for interviews.


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