Reasons for Testing Software

People can make mistakes, so we need to check software before delivering it to clients.
We make mistakes, there are some mistakes which are not important or serious but there may be some mistakes which should be corrected because of serious mistakes and some of them are expensive or dangerous.

As an assumption we should rectify our errors or mistakes, but there are some mistakes caused from bad assumptions and blind spots. This is another reason for these mistakes, we may not notice the flaws in what we have done.

We should assign these tasks to the reviewer. Sometimes, a reviewer can easily check or catch that error which was left or done by us. Reviewers can easily spot these flaws.

These are one reason to require software testing. Software Testing should consider major things while testing any product or application.

Reasons for Testing Software :-
These are following reasons for testing of software:

  1. It can point out the defects and errors that were made during the development phases.
    A programmer can make mistakes because of lack of knowledge on domain, experience, etc.

  2. It increases the reliability of the product.
    For customers or contracts, software testing is one good reason to increase reliability.

  3. It ensures Quality of the product.
    This is another reason that helps gaining customers confidence.

  4. It reduces maintenance cost.
    Because of software testing, a delivered product has more accurate, consistent and reliable results, so we can have lower maintenance cost because of software testing.

  5. It reduces the chance of failure.
    A tested application or software always reduces the chance of failure during running mode.

  6. It increases performance of the product of software applications.
  7. It is good for business.
    Customers may lose interest in an organization that provides untested products or software. Poor quality of software or product.

So, these are the above reasons to require software testing before delivering the product to the clients/customers

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