ReactJS | Basics of ES, Babel and npm

What is ES?
ES is an abbreviation used for ECMA Script. It is a standard for different scripting languages such as JS (JavaScript) made by ECMA.
ECMA is an abbreviation used for European Computer Manufacturers Association. It is a standards organization based out of Switzerland which takes care of ES. ES10 (2019) is updated in June and its nomenclature is like that the year in which the update is released then the name will be a year plus one such as ES9 (2018).

What is Babel?
It is a term in which you will listen many times but will find difficult to understand. I will tell you only the overview of this because manually you will not indulge in Babel but automatically things will take place by Babel.

Babel is a free and open-source JavaScript Transcompiler which is mainly used to convert ES6 (2015) and above code into a backward compatible code that can be run by older JS engines. Babel deploys a technique called Polyfill which basically means to fill many areas.

What is npm?
npm is an abbreviation used for node package manager. It a package manager for JavaScript. It is the default package manager that comes with NodeJS when you install it. It consists of a command-line interface and an online database of public packages and private packages that are paid which is called the npm Registry.


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