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RBS Interview Experience | Set 4 (On-Campus for Internship)

Last Updated : 29 Jan, 2018
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Round 1: (Online TEST)

First 117 candidates were selected on cgpa basis from CS, EC, EE, IT, EI departments.An online round consisting of 5 sections on mettle test platform is conducted.It includes 2 coding questions.One is about finding the type of network.Other one didn’t remember.It also consists of quant, reasoning, verbal and technical aptitude.100 min was the time given for 52 questions.

Overall pretty moderate questions.A candidate with decent knowledge can easily get through this round.Attempting at-least one coding question is necessary for shortlisting.

They shortlisted 16 students out of the total student who attended online test.

Round 2:(Written Test-Technical)

16 students called for written test of 2 questions and the time given was 25 mins.

1.) Finding the max Depth of a binary tree

2.) Designing a UML class diagram for flight reservation system.

They just wanted to see our thought process in this round.Proper commenting is necessary for code.

15 students were shortlisted for interview.

Round 3:(Competency Based Interview)

The interview was of a general king including questions like

1.) What do u know about RBS?

2.) Tell me about your strengths..

3.) How can you contribute to RBS?

Finally 6 students were selected for the internship including me):

Just comment if you have any queries.

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