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RBS Interview Experience | Set 3 (On-Campus for Internship)

Last Updated : 25 Jan, 2018
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Recently RBS conducted their recruitment for their internship positions. 104 students sat for the process they were shortlisted on basis of CGPA.

Round 1:Apti + Coding

In this round test was basically conducted on the testmettle platform where they asked 52 question,100 minutes in which 2 were coding question.They were simple:

  1. Basic Djkstra Algorithm
  2. Simple question based on brute force approach

Apart from these there were 10 quant question,10 verbal ability questions,10 Reasoning questions and 20 Technical Questions based on DBMS,OS,Software Engg. , priority queues etc. were asked.Questions asked in these sections were quite easy though.

Round 2: Short Technical Round

In this round out of 104. 46 students were shortlisted for this round. In this section 2 question were asked and time of 20 mins was given:

  1. Determine max depth of binary tree.
  2. Draw the class diagram for the Flight Reservation system(Assume details Suitably)

Question were easy though but key lies in having good drawing skills and good hand writing,proper commenting of code is must.

Round 3: Interviews (HR + Technical)(One Round)

 In this out 46 candidates. 17 were shortlisted for the interviews

Basically they asked many HR questions:

1.Where do you know about company?

2.Why do want to join RBS?

3.Tell me about Yourself etc.

Then they started asking Technical Question from DBMS,Software Engg. Part ,Also from CV too. They will cover that thoroughly.The interview went quite smooth.They will ask you about your leadership skills and present some situations in front of you also and some puzzles also.

Verdict : Out of 17. 5 Students got shortlisted for the Final Offer. Including Me  :>

Thanks Geeks For Geeks !!!

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