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RazorPay Interview Experience | Set 1 (Senior SDET Role)

  • Last Updated : 29 Jan, 2018

It was really a great experience in RazorPay, they actually tested the candidate which they exactly want .

Telephonic Round :

About the current work

And exactly ::

I gave a solution in O(n2) first and interviewer asked me to optimize it and I did that.

you have to give optimized solution to proceed further.


I called for F2F interview with laptop and charger.

Round 1:

I actually coded and executed (by luck it executed fine) a email service .

You have a client-server architecture. In between client and server you have your application. Given each server has a success probability factor `x`(0 to 1), You are supposed to come up with a logic so that you decide which server among all the active servers would process your request and give back the response to your application, which in turn is displayed to the user. Design and Develop your application after that.  

Round 2:

Last round was like developer round, In this I have to write a test FW for the same and it has to accept all the test cases.

I did a FW and interviewer asked to execute at-least one TC and executed it fine

Round 3:

Hiring Manager :

Stack Implementation if Parallel request comes (Use Synchronized block)

and Other Problem solving

Round 4 & 5: 

Some normal discussion with HR and CTO , both are really nice in talking.

Overall the interview experience was awesome and got the offer.

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