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Razorpay Interview Experience for Software Developer ( 2.5 years Experienced)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 29 Jan, 2021
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Referral through a Linkedin Contact .

Round 1 (Coding 1 hour): Started with basic question like project (mentioned in resume) related question and basics of DS/Algo .

The question was related to Traveral of N-array Tree .there can be N nodes as children of any nodes and the list of nodes need to be dynamic you cannot have static number of children .The question was not direct there were conditions that needed to be followed and after explanation ans discussion the question came down to traversal of N-array tree and find the max path from root to leaf took approximate 35-40 min for complete code and dry run with examples .

Why you followed the praticular approach while solving a problem and at the end needed to give the time ans space complexity .

Question was a combination of 


Round 2 (Design Round 2-3 hours):Design Database in any preffered language the Database should meet the basic constraints is is primary and length of stiring if varchar type and other . Also they ask approach for first 30 – 45 mins and then working code is strictly required . One need ot follow the oops approach for creation of class , interface and design , also you need to write the code from scratch and you can decided the IDE and language but need to be fast in writing the working code.

Basic methods like insert(with constraints met like string length < 100 ), delete , search crete table, delete table, create database.

This round can be tiring .

Round 3 (Hiring Manager Round 40 Min ):This was one of the coolest round the person asked about the Behavioural questions and how you justify youserlf in an argument .questions related to current technology .

One good thing was they were not keen on coding language and technology stack but how one can implement the logic .

Verdict : selected 

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