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Razorpay Interview Experience for SDE-1 (On-Campus 2020)

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 14 Dec, 2020

Online Assessment: The Online Assessment was hosted on HackerEarth and consisted of 3 Coding Questions and 15 MCQs (OS, DBMS, CN, OOP). The duration of the test was 1 h 30 mins. I was able to completely solve 3 of the coding questions and had attempted 13 MCQs out of 15. The coding questions are as follows:

  1. This was a very simple DFS based question, so I solved it real quick. (Easy).
  2. This was a DP based problem where we had to find out minimize the maximum difference between any two elements in the given arrangement by removing K elements. I would say this was a Medium but Hard Question for me to solve.
  3. This was a recursion based problem which was again an Easy-Medium problem where we had to find out the total number of ways to go from 0 to N under some constraints which were to be obeyed by the moves that we make.

As for the MCQs, they were really very difficult to solve, so what I would say is don’t just focus on DS Algo also get a stronghold on the CS fundamentals.

Technical Round 1(45 minutes): At first I was asked about the different projects that I have done so far. We had a detailed discussion on the same. Then he gave me a problem which was a slight variation of this particular problem :


i.e. I had to calculate the minimum number of steps to change str1 to str2 if the change is possible.

Technical Round 2 (60 minutes): This was a System Design Round where I had to design an LRU Cache right from Scratch. So for this round good concept of OOP is a must. The rest should be very easy then because as a fresher they don’t expect you to know anything and everything about System Design, but they check how strong your OOP concepts are.

Techno managerial Round / Final Round (60 minutes): In this round, a detailed discussion on the different projects that I had done had taken place. He asked me a lot of behavioral questions as well throughout the discussion. After that, I was asked some basic OS questions like how is Multithreading different from Multiprocessing and I had to distinguish between them using examples. I was asked about different abstraction levels in a Database Management System.  I was asked about the working of Hashmaps? Where are they used? When shouldn’t they be used? Why would I be using NoSQL databases over SQL databases plus my particular inclination towards MongoDB? Then we started discussing the work culture of the company and the difference it has been creating in the recent past.

Overall, it was an amazing experience. The interviewers were very encouraging, helpful, and friendly. They gave me feedback on how well I had performed so far and gave me suggestions on what more can I do to further improve myself. 

Verdict: Selected!

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