Raja Software Labs Interview Experience | Set 2

Selection process
1) written test
2) Technical-round 1
3) Technical-round 2

Process begins after 10 minutes PPT.
Written would be Pen and Paper based.

1) written
– It contains 5 coding question you have to write only in C, C++, Java because they don’t know Python (Director said I don’t know Python if anyone write code in python will be rejected).
Lod -0 code will be there like
a) Sum of a digit of a number like 467=17
b) check whether string is unique or not.
c) print string with corresponding frequency.
d) Merge Two arrays
e) reverse whole string not a single word of a string like “I.like” = “like.i”

After that 12 students were shortlisted

2) Technical Round One begins-

Normally code discussion whatever you write in written test.
HR wants that code whatever he knows.
No other approach liked by him.

.Tell me something about yourself.
Area of interest.

He said to me write a code to find second largest in array. In a single loop.
I said
a) sorting approach
b) elimination approach
c) STL approach
d) using Two Max variable( minor mistake by me
and 3 code discussion with me whatever written by me in test.
After that
He said “what is your plus point’
I said -JDBC
he reply me directly I Don’t Know JDBC
I said JAVA – He reply No.
After that
Write prototype of copy constructor
I write A(A object){
He directly said it is wrong and after that he said u r making major mistake in it I politely said ok sir.
After that shortlist becomes and I was Rejected.

2) Technical-2 begins.
Normally 2-3 code discussion.
Print Right Angle Triangle in Single Loop
Max difference between two elements of array.
And etc.

There will be no HR round.
Finally two students were shortlisted.

Process will take whole day.

contributed by – (Dhinchak_Neku).

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