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Raja Software Labs Interview Experience for Freshers (Pune)

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  • Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2022
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The selection process included 1 MCQ test, 1 coding test, and 3 technical interviews.

1st Round – MCQ: We had to solve 20 MCQs in 30 minutes. We had to solve questions like code completion, select the correct output, syntax and semantics check, and also we had some aptitude questions. The test mainly focused on programming questions and had a less number of aptitude questions. The test was taken via google forms.

2nd Round – Programming: In this round, we had 5 coding questions to solve in 1 hour. The test was taken via google docs. No compilation, we just had to complete the function required. Questions were based on the Fibonacci series, prime numbers, strings, etc.

3rd Round – Technical Interview: This interview was fully technical. The interviewer didn’t even ask me for my introduction. She went straight to the coding questions. Before starting the coding, she explained to me the rules of the coding round.

  • 15 minutes for one question.
  • Write only the function and not the entire code.

She asked 3 questions in total.

No compilation. We only had to dry the entire code on a piece of paper and show our thought process.

4th Round – Technical Interview: Started by asking for my introduction and asked some questions about my resume. Then went into asking 2 coding questions and 1 puzzle. Same rules as the first interview.

  • Write a function that takes a string as input and replaces the space with “%?”

Input: “I want to work for Raja Software Labs”
Output: “I%want%to%work%for%Raja%Software%Labs”

  • Draw a Pyramid Pattern?
* *
* * *
* * * *


* * *
* * * * *
* * * * * * *

Again, we only had to dry run the code. No compilation is needed.

  • In a box there are 200 balls. 99% are red and 1% are blue. By adding/removing balls from the box make it so that 98% red balls and 2% blue balls are in the box.

Given Data:  198 red balls and 2 blue balls.

Solution: By removing 100 red balls, we get 98 red balls and 2 blue balls remaining in the box which is the required answer.

5th Round – Technical Round: This round was more talking about my resume, projects, and prior work experiences. They asked me about my idea for the BE Project. Since this interview was taken in July 2021, I had not started with my project but if you are giving this interview late in your fourth year they will definite about your project. I talked about my 3rd-year mini project back then, since I had no other choice. He also asked some textbook HR questions like my weaknesses, plan for my master’s, etc. Then he went into asking the dreaded interview questions. F.Y.I This time couldn’t solve one of them. So don’t worry if you miss 1 or 2 questions. I still got the offer letter a week later. This time there was no time limit.

  • Stock buy the sell. Only one purchase is allowed.

Ans: I did O(n2) solution by directly iterating using 2 nested for loops and found the maximum profit. A better approach is iterating from the back and creating the next maximum array. Then by traversing the given array from the front you can easily get the max profit.

  •  Check if two numbers are equal without using arithmetic and comparison operators?


Again compilation is not needed, only dry run the code. I hope this article helps any fresher out there trying to get a job. RSL took a lot of rounds before selecting me for the Software Engineer role. Not disclosing the salary here but you can always find that out on the internet 🙂

Work hard and maybe we will get to work together 😉

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