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Raja Software Labs Interview Experience

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I have applied on the career site of Raja software labs by sending a mail on the given email Id. They replied in few days by sending the mail of availability for the online test and this is the beginning of the process.

 Round 1(Aptitude Test): Test duration of 30 min, It consists of 20 MCQ questions. No negative marking test was taken on google forms.

Round 2(Coding Round): They shared a google doc containing 5 basic coding questions and the time duration was 60 min. The questions were of 

  1. Fibonacci series
  2. reverse string with replacing space with % 
  3. count vowel in a string
  4. An array containing n elements and print those element that are divisible by either 4 or 9.
  5. Print star pyramide

After few month I got the interview confirmation mail.

Round 3(Technical Interview 1): The interview started with my introduction and from my intro interviewer discussed my hobby with me.After that she asked me to share my screen and asked 3 coding questions one to one.

  1. To print first 50 prime numbers
  2. Leap Year Question(
  3. Convert a string into integer.

I have done all and I was quite confident that I would be called further. And same day I got the mail for next technical interview. 

Round 4(Technical Interview 2): The interview started with my short introduction. After that the interviewer asked some computer fundamentals basic questions on DSA, OOPs. What is the use of dsa, Type of data structure you know, main difference between linear and non-linear data structures. define stacks and its real time example, define linked list, Why opps is important, define abstraction, encapsulation and inheritance. Then he asked me to share my screen and open local compiler for coding question. The two coding questions he asked are:

  1. Nearest prime number(
  2. Minimum Coins(

The next day I got the invitation of 3rd and final technical round.

Round 5(Technical interview 3): The interviewer started with some hr questions like 

  • what do you know about the company, 
  • why do you what to join rsl. 
  • Then he asked to share me screen and open local compiler and asked a coding question: To convert a binary string into decimal. I have completed within few minutes then he asked me to do the same with recursion. 

I have done all. I got selected for 6-month internship and full-time offer.  

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Last Updated : 27 Dec, 2021
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