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Radisys Interview Experience 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 20 Jan, 2022
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Round-1(Time-1Hour): This was consists of 50 question related to CPP, c, dsa, os etc. The level of all questions was medium, easy and something hard. Aptitude and Reasoning also asked. Most of the question was familiar to everyone so who solved most of the question they got selected for next round.

Round-2(Time-1Hour): Run time polymorphism with real-life example

  1. simple code
  2. code related to (Kadane)  // most optimize
  3. Memory allocation in c/c++ in depth in most of the scenario like how to return allocated memory in function,in structure, in class
  4. write own code for malloc
  5. Explain your project line by line and ask to run but my project was on ML it take too much time for execution so he just said go ahead without run.
  6. Again he given a code with memory allocation to explain it and find output.
  7. As I told him already networking is not my favorite subject then he asked how to worked when we assign networking-related work.
  8. Do you have pre-knowledge about the internal working of 4G(ULT2, UTL3),5G(ULT2, ULT3)
  9. Do you have any questions?


  1. Second max element in array (atleast 3 approaches required with time complexity)
  2. I tell him 5 approach he was quit impress. Then jumped on basic of ds
  3. Then ask UDP, TCP definition and difference as well OSI layer and some more basic questions on networking.
  4. Difference b/w pointer and reference.In which scenario we are using pointer and reference
  5. Do you worked on linux before? I said no.
  6. why you want to join Radisys company?
  7. Some situational question
  8. Do you have any question for me?

My View: Even I did not answer all the question but stay confident and try to answer the question which you know something instead of directly saying no. Try to ask some question at end which are make to much interest regarding company.

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