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RAAM Group Interview Experience for Business Trainee (On-Campus)
  • Last Updated : 29 Oct, 2020

There are 2 rounds 

Group Discussion:

  1. Tell me about your favorite web series or Movie 
  2. Group discussion on Sales topic (Phone customer – Seller) interaction 
  3. Introduce yourself 

I qualified for the next round 

Personal Interview:

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. My achievements until now.
  3. Why I was interested in sales. 
  4. Family background details.
  5. Tell about your friends and what’s the matter will your friends say about your self.
  6. Do you know about RAAM GROUP?
  7. Strengths and weaknesses and how do you rectify it.
  8. What are the unique things involved in you?

I got selected 

Thank you. 

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