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Software Quality Assurance Quiz

Question 1

What is the primary goal of Software Quality Assurance (SQA)?

  • Debugging

  • Testing

  • Quality improvement

  • Code optimization

Question 2

What does the acronym 'ISO' stand for in the context of software quality?

  • International Software Organization

  • Information Security Operations

  • International Organization for Standardization

  • Internal System Operations

Question 3

Which testing type is performed to verify if the individual units or modules of the software work as expected?

  • System testing

  • Unit testing

  • Integration testing

  • Acceptance testing

Question 4

What is the purpose of a test case?

  • To find bugs in the code

  • To execute the program

  • To document the testing process

  • To design the software

Question 5

Which of the following is a key principle of SQA?

  • Delay testing until the end of the development process

  • Correcting defects is more costly in the later stages of development

  • Testing is only the responsibility of the testing team

  • Quality is solely the concern of the development team

Question 6

Which testing technique involves testing the software's behavior against a set of input values?

  • Boundary value analysis

  • Equivalence partitioning

  • White-box testing

  • Regression testing

Question 7

What is the purpose of the IEEE 829 standard?

  • Software development process

  • Test documentation

  • Code optimization techniques

  • Requirement analysis

Question 8

What is the difference between validation and verification in the context of SQA?

  • They are synonymous

  • Validation checks if the product is built correctly, while verification checks if it meets the customer's requirements

  • Verification checks the product against the specifications, while validation ensures it works in the intended environment

  • Verification is performed by developers, and validation is performed by testers

Question 9

What is the purpose of a test plan?

  • To execute test cases

  • To document the testing strategy and approach

  • To analyze code complexity

  • To review the quality of the code

Question 10

What is the primary focus of usability testing?

  • Checking the system's security

  • Evaluating the user interface and overall user experience

  • Verifying the correctness of algorithms

  • Assessing the performance of the system

There are 20 questions to complete.

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