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Software Development Models MCQ Questions and Answers

Question 1

What is the Waterfall model?

  • An iterative development model

  • A linear and sequential software development model

  • A model emphasizing rapid prototyping

  • A model focused on user involvement throughout development

Question 2

What is the primary characteristic of the Iterative model?

  • Sequential development

  • Emphasis on risk management

  • Minimal documentation

  • Continuous feedback and refinement

Question 3

What is the main advantage of the Incremental model?

  • Low initial cost

  • High flexibility for changes

  • Quick project completion

  • Emphasis on documentation

Question 4

Which model involves breaking the development process into small parts called iterations?

  • Waterfall model

  • Spiral model

  • Agile model

  • V-Model

Question 5

What does RAD stand for in the context of software development?

  • Rapid Application Development

  • Requirements Analysis and Design

  • Random Application Deployment

  • Resource Allocation and Development

Question 6

In the V-Model, what is the relationship between testing and development phases?

  • They are performed simultaneously

  • Testing follows development

  • Development follows testing

  • They are independent of each other

Question 7

What is the main disadvantage of the Waterfall model?

  • High flexibility

  • Difficulty in accommodating changes

  • Emphasis on user involvement

  • Rapid development pace

Question 8

What is the main principle behind the Spiral model?

  • Iterative and incremental development

  • Linear and sequential development

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Risk-driven development

Question 9

What is the primary characteristic of the Prototype model?

  • Sequential development

  • Emphasis on risk management

  • Quick creation of a model to visualize requirements

  • Minimal documentation

Question 10

What is the primary goal of "Scrum" in Agile development?

  • To create comprehensive documentation

  • To manage project budgets efficiently

  • To foster teamwork and deliver working software iteratively

  • To emphasize rapid prototyping

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