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GATE CS 1996

Question 1

Which of the following macros can put a micro assembler into an infinite loop? (i)
.IF EQ, X      ;if X=0 then
M1 X + 1
.IF NE X       ;IF X≠0 then
.WORD X        ;address (X) is stored here
M2 X
  • (ii) only
  • (i) only
  • Both (i) and (ii)
  • None of the above

Question 2

Let F be the collection of all functions f: {1, 2,3} → {1, 2, 3}. If f and g ∈ F, define an equivalence relation ~  by f ~ if and only if f(3) = g(3). a) Find the number of equivalence classes defined by ~. b) Find the number of elements in each equivalence class.

    Question 3

    Let A and B be sets and let Ac and Bc denote the complements of the sets A and B. The set (A−B)(B−A)(AB) is equal to a). A ∪ B b). A∪ Bc c). A ∩ B d). A∩ Bc
    • a
    • b
    • c
    • d

    Question 4

    Let X= {2, 3, 6, 12, 24}, Let ≤ be the partial order defined by X ≤ Y if x divides y. Number of edges in the Hasse diagram of (X,≤) is
    • 3
    • 4
    • 9
    • None of the above

    Question 5

    Suppose X and Y are sets and |X| and |Y| are their respective cardinalities. It is given that there are exactly 97 functions from X to Y. From this one can conclude that
    • |X|=1,|Y|=97
    • |X|=97,|Y|=1
    • |X|=97,|Y|=97
    • None of the above

    Question 6

    Which of the following statement is false?
    • The set of rational numbers is an abelian group under addition
    • The set of integers in an abelian group under addition
    • The set of rational numbers form an abelian group under multiplication
    • The set of real numbers excluding zero is an abelian group under multiplication

    Question 7

    Two dice are thrown simultaneously. The probability  that at least one of them will have 6 facing up is
    • 1/36
    • 1/3
    • 25/36
    • 11/36

    Question 8

    The formula used to compute an approximation for the second derivative of a function f at a point X0 is   

    [caption width="800"] [/caption]


    • A

    • B

    • C

    • D

    Question 9

    Let Ax=b be a system of linear equations where A is an m×n matrix and b is a m×1 column vector and X is an n×1 column vector of unknowns. Which of the following is false?
    • The system has a solution if and only if, both A and the augmented matrix [Ab] have the same rank
    • If m
    • If m=n and b is a non-zero vector, then the system has a unique solution
    • The system will have only a trivial solution when m=n, b is the zero vector and rank(A) = n

    Question 10

    Which two of the following four regular expressions are equivalent? (ε is the empty string). (i). (00)*(ε+0) (ii). (00)* (iii). 0* (iv). 0(00)*
    • (i) and (ii)
    • (ii) and (iii)
    • (i) and (iii)
    • (iii) and (iv)

    There are 75 questions to complete.

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