Quikr India Interview Experience (Full Stack Developer)(Senior Software Engineer)

There were 2 f2f Round and one Assignment and 1 more F2F Round. All rounds were Technical.

Round 1:
Q1. Find is there any Repeated/Duplicate Element in Array.
Q2. Given a sorted Array A with N element possibly with Duplicates, find the first or last occurrences of an element in O(logN) Time.

Round 2:
Q1. Project Related Questions that I have done.
Q2. where to put script Tag in HTML file and why ?
Q3. What is async and defer with script tag and why we used them?

Q4. write a Algo to print following:

+ * * or + + +
+ + * + + *
+ + + + * *

for any given value of N.

Q4. what is Lazy Load Imaging Technique?
Q5. How to measure any site performance and what is FPM?

Round 3 : Assignment

1. Application showing list of 20 different items in a page.
Each item contain below details
i. Random images using https://picsum.photos
ii. Some title and Description
2. Use Lazy Load Images
3. Package your App using one of opensource tool like(webPack or gulp etc)
4. plus point in caching js/image using service worker.

Round 4:
Q1. Linked List program for insertion and deletion of any node.
Q2. How to find kth smallest element in an array.
Hint : Using Min or Max Heap
Q3. what is proto type in javascript.
Q5. Design Question :

1. Given one webserver that can handle upto 6 month SQL Query Data (or else it will give memory error)
2. Suppose we are having multiple SQL tables and that gives output something like
key : k1
date: 31-07-2018
Opening Balance: xxxx
Closing Balance : xxxx
There are multiple JSON data in output by SQL Queries.
3. Design schema of tables to handle Queries.
4. Our Task is to find the closing and opening balance between given dates(31-03-2018 and 5-08-2018).

Hint : 1. Each Month_year will be a separate table that stores all transaction
2. Think of Account statement of your account and if u find statement between some dates. how it works.
3. you have to calculate from starting date of company transaction stored
Q5. what is Indexing in SQL and their type with their use cases.

Q6. Puzzle Question

  1. we have 4 persons A, B, C & D.
  2. Each one has to cross a bridge.
  3. Bridge can handle at Max two persons wait.
  4. They all have only one torch, with the help of torch they can cross bridge.
  5. where person take time to cross bridge are A = 1 min, B = 2 min, C = 5 min, D  =10 min
  6. Our Task is to find total min time to cross by all persons.

Hint :  total min time is 17 min.

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