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Questionnaires and Schedules method of Data Collection

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  • Last Updated : 08 Jun, 2022
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Questionnaires & Schedule method of data collection :

The questionnaires are the fundamental instrument for gathering information in review research. Fundamentally, it is a bunch of standardized questions, frequently called items, which follow a decent plan to gather individual information around at least one explicit theme.

The schedule is a formalized arrangement of inquiries, proclamations, statements, and spaces for replies given to the enumerators who pose inquiries to the respondents and note down the responses

Following are the two ways of collecting data through questionnaires:

1. Mailing method

2. Enumerator Method

Mailing Method: 

In this method of data collection, the questionnaire is mailed to the individual with a request to fill it and send it back. This method is less expensive and has a wide coverage as data can be collected even from remote areas. 

Suitability of Mailing Method:

  • Educated Source: The source in the mailing method is educated.
  • Wide Area: The area of inclusion is exceptionally wide as questionnaires can be sent through post or mail anywhere.
  • Grouping of Questions: Questions are framed in such a way that similar types of questions can be grouped in one place.
  • General Questions: General questions are asked in this method of data collection and personal questions are avoided.
  • Reply Mechanism: It ought to be joined by a self-tended, stepped envelope to guarantee an answer.

Merits of Mailing Method:

  • Wide Area: This strategy is valuable when the field of examination is large, and the respondents are dispersed over a wide region.
  • No Role of Questioner: It is liberated from the inclination of the questioner.
  • Time: In this method, respondents have sufficient time to give the required information.
  • Trustworthiness: An enormous example can be utilized, and accordingly the outcomes can be made more trustworthy and solid.
  • Direct Involvement: There is uniformity in the data collected because informants are directly involved in this.

Demerits of Mailing Method:

  • Educated Informants: It cannot be utilized for unskilled or uninformed respondents.
  • Non-reaction: The pace of non-reaction is high as compared with other techniques.
  • Uncertainty: The command over the survey might be lost whenever it is sent.
  • Lack of Clarity: It is challenging to confirm the precision of the responses given. 
  • Feasibility: To check the feasibility of the data collected, a pilot study is essential in this technique. 

Enumerator Method:

An enumerator is a trained person who collects information and performs all the field work related with the collection of data. They help the respondents in filling the questionnaire in case of illiterate population.

Suitability of Enumerators Method:

  • Wide Area: Enumerators are used when the region to be covered is wide and respondents are dispersed.
  • No Additional Inquiry: No additional inquiry is required to perform this type of method.
  • Control: The administration of enumerators is modest and effectively accessible.
  • Training: Enumerators are trained persons in order to collect data. They guide respondents in filling the questionnaire.
  • Merits of Enumerators Method:

    • Uneducated Persons: As the enumerator, himself tops the questionnaire, he/she can be utilized in those cases where the target population is not proficient. 
    • Assistance: Respondents can address perplexing and troublesome inquiries with the assistance of the enumerators.
    • Less Chance of Bias: It leaves little scope for the poll to be biased.
    • Reliability: The data collected is more reliable and correct.
    • Responsiveness: There is less chance of non-response as the enumerator visits personally to the people.

    Demerits of Enumerators Method:

    • Costly: It is a costly method and requires a lot of money. 
    • Time Consuming: It is a very time-consuming process.
    • Skilled Personnel: The outcome of this technique relies upon the accessibility of prepared and skilled enumerators.
    • Personal Bias: The inclination of enumerators could impact the result of data.
    • Affordability: It can only be afforded by big organisations.
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