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Two vessels A and B contain mixture of milk and water in ratios 3:4 and 4:1 respectively. In what ratio should quantities of mixture be taken from A and B to form a mixture in which milk to water is in the ratio 5:2?
(A) 3:10
(B) 10:3
(C) 5:7
(D) 7:5

Answer: (A)

Explanation: Acc. to question

                   Milk        Water        total
Mixture A          3x5     :    4x5      ->    7       LCM(7, 5, 7)=35
Mixture B          4x7     :    1x7      ->    5 
Final mixture      5x5     :    2x5      ->    7

To make quantity equal of both mulitply with 7 and 5 respectively.

                   Milk       Water          
Mixture A          15     :    20      
Mixture B          28     :    7    
Final mixture      25     :    10    

To obtain the ratio in which A and B mixed we apply alligation rule

Hence, the required ratio is 3:10.

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