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Two trains start from station A and B and travels towards each other at speed of 48km/hr and 72km/hr respectively. At the time of their meeting, the second train has traveled 144 km more than the first. The distance between A and B is:
(A) 560 km
(B) 680 km
(C) 720 km
(D) 840 km

Answer: (C)

Explanation: The second train has traveled 144 km more than the first train because the speed of second train is 24 km/hr more than first.
Time taken by second train to cover 144 km with surplus 24km/hr = 144/24 = 6 hours.
then, time taken by both train before meeting is 6 hours.
So, their relative speed = 48 + 72 = 120
Total distance travel by both = 120 x 6 = 720 km
Distance between A and B = 720 km

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