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Qualcomm Interview Experience | Set 9 (Experienced through Linkedin Invite)

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I have applied for Graphics Software Engineer position through LinkedIn. I was called for interview after 2 weeks of applying. Interview took place in Bangalore office.

Round 1 (60 minute):
1. Explain BE project (Satellite image processing)
2. BFS and DFS (Example and code)
3. How to find loops in linked list?
4. Merge sort ad Quick sort (Code and timing complexity)
5. How pivot element in quick sort affects the timing complexity?
6. Binary search
7. Virtual function
8. Overloading vs Overriding
9. Find the intersection of two linked list (2 methods: brute force and nlogn complexity one)

Round 2 (30 min):
1. Questions on internship experience (Computer Vision domain)
2. Multidimensional images
3. Masking operation
4. Edge detection
5. Face detection
6. General steps in image processing
7. Image segmentation techniques
8. How simulation model of any HW is designed?
9. How you compare outputs of HW model and equivalent SW model?

Round 3 (30 min):
1. malloc vs calloc
2. Write a python script to find an occurrence of a word in file
3. What are timing complexity notations?
4. Create and insert function in Binary search tree (BST)
5. Access specifiers with example
6. 1 year job experience (SAP BI). Steps in SAP BI?
7. Puzzle: With minimum number of moves change given shape ito another shape (matchstick)
6. Puzzle: One man does the exact double amount of work than the previous day. It completed the total work in 15 days then how many days it require to completed 50% of work?

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Last Updated : 30 Sep, 2019
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