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Qualcomm Interview Experience | Set 13 (On-Campus)

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Qualcomm visited our campus for both Full time hiring and Internship for both hardware as well as software profiles.

Round 1:
1st Round was an online MCQ test conducted by HirePro, it consisted of 3 sections,
each containing 20 questions and total duration was 90 mins.

Section 1(30 mins):
Basic Aptitude questions

Section 2(30 mins):
Basic Programming questions.

Section 3(30 mins):
It was based on your preference (Computer Science/Electronics). I chose Computer Science and there were questions from DS, OS, Architecture and Networking.

Around 400 people sat for 1st round, out of which 59 were shortlisted.

Round 2:
It was 1st technical round. Maximum questions were asked from my projects(especially from the project which I did in my Summer Internship after 6th sem). My project was on Machine Learning, so basic questions from theory of Machine Learning were asked. The interviewer was very friendly and wherever I got stuck, he showed me the right path.
After this round, I was shortlisted for 3rd round.

Round 3:
It was 2nd Technical round. Questions were mainly asked from DS and OS. The interviewer was very friendly and guided me a lot whenever I got stuck.
Questions Asked:
1. Heapsort and Quicksort along with their analysis(time complexities)
2. Delete nth end from end of linked list(I told him the best approach and he was very impressed).
3. There will be a search box , where input is a person’s surname and finally search results will display all the details of that person(full name, roll no, stream etc). I was asked to implement it in C++(only approach was required). I gave him a hashmap approach and he was satisfied.
4. Segmentation, Paging, Demand Paging and Swapping.
I would suggest all of you to please read the operating Systems section in GeeksforGeeks.

Operating Systems

The things here are given in very concise and accurate way, and it helped me a lot while preparing.

Round 4(HR):
Basic Questions were asked like Tell about Yourself, Why Qualcomm?, Where do you see yourself in 5 years? etc..
I was very confident and energetic in all the rounds and answered almost all questions correctly. Finally got Hired!!! 😀

Here’s an advice, please be confident enough and don’t stumble. Answer every questions loudly, clearly and if possible give examples…

I would like to thank GeeksforGeeks for providing such an awesome platform for interview preparation and helping me a lot. Thank You, GeeksForGeeks!!!

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Last Updated : 20 Nov, 2019
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