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Qualcomm Interview Experience ( On-Campus Drive)

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  • Last Updated : 31 Jul, 2019
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Round1: Test consists of 3 parts with 60 questions 90min. Marking scheme is +4 & -1.
Round2: Technical interview1 (30 min)
Round3: Technical interview2 (30 min)
Round4: HR (15 min)
Round1(Online Test) – There is a different qualifying cut for each section.
The test consist of 3 sections: All need to attempt in order, we are allowed to switch between questions of the same section but cannot switch between sections.
Section1: This section consists of basic aptitude questions like train, permutation & combination, probability, boat, work, etc.
Section2: This section contains the questions of code snippet(given a code what is the output)
Section3: This section contains basic Gate level questions mainly focused on DS,  Algo, OS, CO,  Networks.
Round2(Tech interview1) – It was a one to one interview. He asked me to write pen-paper codes, questions from C,  OS, CO, etc.
  1. Reverse a stack without using extra space.
  2. Construct a tree from pre-order and in-order traversal.
  3. Given an array which has numbers from 1 to n. There are 2 numbers replaced with 0. Find both numbers in O(n) time and O(1) space.
  4. What is priority inversion?
  5. Let us suppose there are multiple .c files and you want a function from a particular file can only be accessed in that c file only. (Ans- Use static keyword)
  6. What is Volatile keyword?
  7. A lot of questions from IPC, Cache, Paging.
Round3(Tech interview2) – It was also a one to one interview. I was the last person left for round 2 and it was around 9 pm, so everyone was drained.
Interviewer: Do you know how to construct a balanced tree.
Me: I only know that we can use a red-black tree or AVL tree, but I don’t know how they work.
Interviewer: Ok, then what do you know in Algorithms.
Me: Sorting, Graphs.
I want him to ask from graphs but he started with Linked list.
  1. He asked all the possible questions from the linked list starting from construction of SLL to finding loops etc.
  2. Then he asked me questions from C programming,  OS, CO.
Round4(HR) – This was more of one-sided. HR told me about the company asked me about locations preferences etc.
Both round 2 and 3 last up to around 30min. All the questions were basic level instead of 2-3 fancy terms that I ended up answering “I don’t know”.
Suggestions- They asked a lot of questions from oops, data structure, C programming, os, co, etc. One panel was also asking questions from ML like PCA, LDA, SVM, etc.
They also asked riddle-like(google them for details)-
  1. King and 100 poison bottle
  2. Bridge crossing (person with different time and one torch)
  3. Measure time from the rope, sand clock,  etc.
Note: There were other questions that I don’t remember.
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