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Qualcomm Interview Experience (Off-Campus)

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One of my friend who is there at Qualcomm refereed me. I received a mail from there side to give the written test. It was on HirePro platform.

Round 1: It consist of 3 sub-sections
1) Aptitude Section(20 MCQ Ques/30min with negative marking)

Questions in this section are from the following topics:

  • Work and wages
  • Seating arrangement
  • Profit and Loss
  • Percentage
  • Time and Speed
  • Data Interpretation
  • Ration and Proportion
  • Coding Decoding

There are 2-3 other topics as well. For this particular section you can prepare from IndiaBix or geeksforgeeks.

2) Programming Section(20 MCQ Ques/30min with negative marking)

Questions in this section are from the following topics:

  • Pointers(Focus on precedence and associativity)
  • Enumeration in C
  • Union and Structure
  • Macros
  • Some output question based on a pseudo code
  • Static keyword
  • Structure Padding
  • Some OOPs concept related Question

There are some another questions related to C/C++. Again you can prepare from geeksforgeeks.

3) Technical Section(20 MCQ Ques/30min with negative marking)

I am from Computer Science background so all the questions are related to it. (Electronics section is also there for ECE guys)

  • Questions from OS(Memory, IPC, Scheduling Algorithms)
  • Questions from DBMS(I think only 1 or 2 question)
  • Again some questions from C/C++
  • 2-3 Networks Question

According to me to clear this written round, you should know which question to attempt and which one to leave due to negative marking. Please manage your time accordingly. If you are able to attempt 12-15 question correctly out of 20 in each section then they will select you for next round. Again, please avoid negative marking as much as you can but it does not mean you should leave too many questions.

So manage accordingly 🙂

Round 2:

They called me to Hyderabad location for next rounds. No need to worry about travel expenses. Qualcomm is going to arrange everything for you from Flight Tickets to Cab booking.

So I went there. In this round, 2 interviewers were taking my interview. They asked me to introduce myself. After that, they quickly jump to questions

1. Detect loop in a linked list.

2. Implement Stack using a linked list.

3. While passing 2d array, why it is necessary to pass number of columns?

4. Implement your own memcopy ? What is the problem with memcopy. ?

5. There is a string consist of integer and characters. From that string, you have to tell that string is valid or not based on some rules which they gave me there.

6. One Question from Bit manipulation. Count number of bits to be flipped to convert A to B

7. Some question from Operating System like paging, segmentation, Deadlock? What is wait and signal in the OS?

8. Structure padding. Why we use it ? Explain with example.

After this, I asked them 2-3 questions. Then they told me to wait.

Round 3:

Again the interviewer asked me to introduce.

1. How the C program compile. Explain all the phases ?

2. Structure and Union. Difference between these two and where we used them.

3. He asked me what different type of data structures you know. I told him.

4. Level order traversal of tree.

5. Write a program to delete a node in the tree(make sure to cover all the corner cases).

6. What happened when you enter a URL on browser. Explain all in detail.

7. What is little Endian and Big Endian. How to check for it ?

8. Difference between repeater, bridge, hub and router ?

Then he asked me do you want to ask anything. I asked him about his role in the company.

Round 4:  (Hiring Manager Round)

In the starting, he asked me 7-8 HR type questions like Why you want to switch so early? Are you OK with Hyderabad location? When you can join us? etc. What are your projects in IIT Roorkee(I did my in Computer Science from there)?

After this question, he jumped to technical questions. He started with some easy questions.

1. Explain all the layers of the OSI Model.

2. Different process stages.

3. Write a code where deadlock is possible. How will you remove it?

4. How process communicate with each other. ?

5. Write a program to find the length of a string.

6. Write a program to find it IP Address is valid or not. To be honest I was not expecting this question because Qualcomm generally does not ask questions with this much difficulty. But after struggling around 20 minutes, I was able to solve it 🙂  Program to validate an IP address

7. Difference between process and thread.

8. What is there in Process Control Block.

9. Swap nibble in a byte. I solved the question with the brute force approach but then he told me to optimize it. He also gave me some hints.

In the last, he gave me 2 coding questions. I solved them as they are easy.  Then he told me that now you can leave, HR will contact you soon.

After 3 days I received a mail from Qualcomm that I got selected. 😀

For any other help, feel free to ping me on my LinkedIn profile.

Special thanx to GeeksfroGeeks for providing such a good platform.

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Last Updated : 19 Jul, 2019
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