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Qualcomm Interview Experience | Off-Campus
  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 18 Nov, 2019

I have applied for a Job in  Qualcomm through its website.

Interview Process consists of 5 rounds consisting of 1 online hacker rank assessment, 3 technical rounds, 1 HR round.

Hacker Rank test has 30 Questions in which 10 are coding questions  related to arrays, strings, vector, map etc., and remaining are MCQ where we need to guess output based on a given code snippet.

After clearing assessment they called to hyderabad for technical discussion of 3 rounds.

Round 2:

1.Asked about  my current project work, technologies that I use.Why you want to leave your project.

2. What are memory leaks / crash how to overcome them.

3. Memory layout of a C program and storage classes  in C and scopes of variables.

4.Program on reversing linked list

5. CPU scheduling Algorithms and efficient algorithms for Real Time Operating systems.

6.Memory management Techniques, paging, page fault, segmentation, Translation look  aside buffer.

7.Structure padding. Why we use it ? Explain with example.

8. Implement a 2 dimensional array using pointers .

Round 3:

  1. ARM processor Architecture and its operation modes.
  2.  Implement your own memcpy ? What is the problem with memcpy. ?
  3. Program to find middle element in less time complexity
  4. How the C program compile. Explain all the phases ?
  5. Stack Smashing and how does function calls store in stack .
  6. Difference between Embedded System and Generic OS.
  7. What is little Endian and Big Endian. How to check for it ?

Round 4:

  1.  Difference between thread and process
  2. What is critical section, dead lock prevention techniques.
  3. Priority inversion  and techniques to avoid it.
  4. Modify a bit at given position in  for a number
  5. Implementation of BST
  6. Swap nibble in a byte.
  7. IPC mechanisms, OOps Concepts, mutex, semaphores User level & Kernal level space.

Round 5:(HR)

1. why I want to change the company?
2. why I want to join Qualcomm?
3. She explained about the work culture and about qualcomm.
4. What are my strengths and weakness.

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