Qualcomm Interview Experience (Off Campus)

Round 1: The first round was Telephonic, he asked me a few questions.

  • Asked about my current role
  • Question on my project
  • OOPs questions
  • Data Structures questions

This round took 30 minutes, he was patient with answers and asked about my comfortable languages, if I have done any project on Python? After 2-3 days I was called for face to face interview.

Round 2: This round was about my current role and CV related questions. It went well, so I was asked to wait for the next round.

Round 3: The interviewer started with my CV and asked about my college project. Asked to write down the algorithm which I used. More questions on the implementation.
Move to data structure, asked a few questions then gave a few problems like:

Moved to OOPS concepts asked me about Polymorphism, Virtual Class, Overloading, Inheritance, Difference between class and object

  • Diamond problem in OOPs, write down the code and solve the problem

This round took around 1 Hour 30 Minutes to complete.

Round 4: Asked me few Operating systems questions plus Thread Vs Process with examples and Scheduling Algorithms plus Watchdog timer after that few coding questions like:

One puzzle which I can’t exactly remember but I did it. He asked basic questions on Android as it was written in my CV. Discussed on the versions of Androids, he was really cooperative and helped me to answer.

Round 5: This round was a bit tricky, asked about almost everything from my CV. Briefly explain what the job is about and asked about business intelligence as it was related to my previous work. Gave a scenario of Android testing, asked me about test cases.

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