Qualcomm Interview Experience (Internship)

Round 1: Online Exam

Exam having 60 question in total having 3 section each having 20 questions.30 minutes for each section.

The marking scheme is +1 for the correct answer and -0.25 for the wrong answer.

Section 1 : Quantitative Aptitude

Section-2:Logical Reasoning

Section-3:Data Interpretation & Verbal

Round 2: Technical Interview

1.Tell me about yourself.

2. Brief discussion on projects.

3. OOPS basic concepts.

4.Find loop in a linked list and find the length of that loop.


6.finding duplicates in array

7.Difference between mutex and semaphore.

8.Difference between process and threads.

9.Conditions for Deadlock.

10.Examples of internal and external fragmentation.

11.Write a program to implement memcpy() on your own.

12.Basic questions on stack and queue.

13.Write code snippet for function pointers.

14.How to differentiate between shared and private variables in thread in multithreaded environment?

15. Basic server client architecture in TCP.

16.Sorting algorithm complexity analysis.

17.Discussion on Implementation approach in project.

18. Do you have any questions for me?


I got selected in the end.

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