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Qualcomm interview experience (fresher) 2019

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  • Last Updated : 19 Jul, 2019
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Background – Computer engg. branch

Round 1:
Online test divided into 3 sections :
Aptitude – easy to moderate
time would be a constraint
Programming – many difficult output questions on C
Theoretical – consisted questions from OS and computer architecture mainly
Marking: +4/-1

Round 2:
Started with brief introduction and proceeded with detailed discussion on one of my projects. The interviewer asked to explain the project through a block diagram and then directed the discussion towards threading and other OS concepts.
Discussion on different layers of OSI model and TCP/IP.
One coding question to write code on a sheet:
Count the number of contiguous bits occurring more than once.
He then asked to explain how the CPU works. He then asked to design a solar car and then optimize on cost.

Round 3:
This was mostly on operating systems – system calls, virtual addresses – what are they and why they are needed, TLB working, paging, process’ view of memory etc
He gave this structure and asked to compute its size:

struct abc
  int a;
  char *b;
  struct abc d;
  int e;

(The answer is that the compiler would not be able to determine the size and give compilation error)
Coding ques:
set a bit at any position
clear a bit at any position
clear the first set bit (MSB) without traversing all the bitsgiven a string, there is only 1 character that occurs once, rest can occur any number of times. Find that unique character without using extra space.
Round 4:
Discussion on projects and a few questions on networking
Coding ques:
given two strings, delete the common words, i.e the words occurring in both the strings

Round 5- HR
Brief about education and background.
Why Qualcomm?
Plans for higher studies etc..

For technical rounds, be prepared with computer architecture and OS.

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