Qualcomm Campus Recruitment Interview Experience

Qualcomm conducted following rounds:

1. Online test conducted by hire pro. You can prepare from prepinsta and geeksforgeeks. In aptitute section they also ask logical aptitude too apart from quant. Keep your C basics like pointer, union, struct etc. strong.

2. Round 1 interview: First I was asked to introduce myself and tell about my project. Then most of the question were about C, some from OS & and one from linked list. Following question:
*toggle even bits of a number
*what is race condition?
*what will happen if i call free(NULL)? Any error?
*how to detect loop in linked list?
*what is deadlock?
*a function is passed a void pointer like myfunc(void *p). Determine memory address pointed by p is on stack or heap.
*What happens if i don’t free memory and assign some other address to an existing pointer variable pointing to some memory on heap?
*Difference b/w semaphore and mutex.
*about volatile keyword in C.
*about function pointers

3. Round 2 interview: Entire discussion was on projects and few puzzles you will find on geeksforgeeks like ant triangle etc.

4. HR Round… Relocation, why qualcomm, etc. HR like questios.

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