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Qualcomm Audio Interview Experience for Software Engineer

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Round 1(Online Test): The test consists of 3 sections. 1st section was on reasoning, aptitude, quant, etc.. 2nd section was on C programming. Code snippets were given, need to tell output. The third section was on the operating system, OOPs, and some basic computer architecture and data structure questions.

Note: Test was of 1-hr duration(20 min each section), conducted on hire pro platform

Round 2 (First Technical)


  1. Write a program to insert a node with a given value at the nth position in a singly linked list.

  2. Definition of calloc function in C.

  3. What will be the output of the below program.

    int main()
                 char a=120,b=140;
                 int i;

    Note: ans=4, also need to explain how the answer will be 4.

  4. What will be the size of the following structure.

    struct node{
                int a;
                float b;
                double c;
  5. Similar to the above question but with the union instead of structure.

  6. Memory layout of C program.

Round 3 (Second Technical):

  1. Difference between macro and inline function.
  2. Call the main function from the cmd line and pass two arguments to it and with these arguments call macro and inline function defined above. Whose execution will be faster?
  3. Find the size of int in C without using sizeof() operator.
  4. Inter-Process Communication
  5. OOPs concepts
  6. Virtual function and virtual class
  7. Function overriding and function overloading difference
  8. How to implement function overriding in C
  9. Extern keyword related questions
  10. Some other questions related to operating systems like threads, semaphores, mutex, spinlocks, scheduling algos, etc.

Round 4 (Third technical+ managerial Round):

  • Write a program to delete a node with a given value from a single linked list
  • And some basic Data structures questions. Then he explained about team and work at Qualcomm. Why you want to join like questions.

Round 5 (Fourth Technical Round):

  1. Asked about my project that I mentioned in my Resume.
  2. Write a program in C to check if the given string is a palindrome?
  3. Write a program to check if the given linked list is circular or not?
  4. Write a program to multiply two matrices.

Note: Data structures questions were basic. Their main focus was on C and the operating systems. After the interviews, I waited for 1 month, and then they gave me an offer letter. I applied through a referral.

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Last Updated : 19 Nov, 2020
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