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Python – Tkinter Choose color Dialog

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Python provides many options for GUI (Graphical User Interface ) development. tkinter is the most commonly used method options apart from all other available alternatives. It is a standard method for developing GUI applications using Tk GUI toolkit. 

The steps involved in developing a basic Tkinter app are:

  1. Importing the Tkinter module.
  2. Creating the main window or the container.
  3. Insert as many widgets as you want to the main window.
  4. Apply the event Trigger on all the widgets.

The process of importing the Tkinter module is the same as importing any other module in Python.

import tkinter

Creating choose color dialog box using Tkinter

The Tkinter module has a package in it named colorchooser. This package of the Tkinter module helps in developing the color chooser dialog box. This package has a function named askcolor() that plays a major role.


This function belongs to the colorchooser package of Tkinter module. The function helps in creating a color chooser dialog box. As soon as the function is called, it makes the color chooser dialogue box pop up. The function returns the hexadecimal code of the color selected by the user.




# Python program to create color chooser dialog box
# importing tkinter module
from tkinter import *
# importing the choosecolor package
from tkinter import colorchooser
# Function that will be invoked when the
# button will be clicked in the main window
def choose_color():
    # variable to store hexadecimal code of color
    color_code = colorchooser.askcolor(title ="Choose color")
root = Tk()
button = Button(root, text = "Select color",
                   command = choose_color)





Note: The color chooser dialog box may vary for different operating systems.

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Last Updated : 22 Jan, 2021
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