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Python | Sympy Line.intersection() method

  • Last Updated : 10 Feb, 2020
In Sympy, the function intersection() is used to find the intersection with another geometrical entity.
Syntax: Line.intersection(o)

 o: Point or LinearEntity

 intersection: list of geometrical entities

Example #1:

# import sympy and Point, Line
from sympy import Point, Line
p1, p2, p3 = Point(0, 0), Point(1, 1), Point(7, 7)
l1 = Line(p1, p2)
# using intersection() method
showIntersection = l1.intersection(p3)


[Point2D(7, 7)]

Example #2:

# import sympy and Point, Line, Segment
from sympy import Point, Line, Segment
p1, p2, p3, p4 = Point(0, 0), Point(1, 1), Point(0, 5), Point(2, 6)
l1 = Line(p1, p2)
s1 = Segment(p3, p4)
# using intersection() method
showIntersection = l1.intersection(s1)



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