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Python | Splitting string list by strings

  • Last Updated : 05 Sep, 2019

Sometimes, while working with Python strings, we might have a problem in which we need to perform a split on a string. But we can have a more complex problem of having a front and rear string and need to perform a split on them. This can be multiple pairs for split. Let’s discuss certain way to solve this particular problem.

Method : Using loop + index() + list slicing
This task can be performed by using the above functionalities together. In this, we just loop along the pairs and get the desired indices using index(). Then list slicing is done to construct a new list of the desired slice and appended to form a new resultant list.

# Python3 code to demonstrate working of
# Splitting string list by strings
# using loop + index() + list slicing
# initialize list
test_list = ['gfg', 'is', 'best', "for", 'CS', 'and', 'Maths' ]
# initialize split list
split_list = [('gfg', 'best'), ('CS', 'Maths')]
# printing original list
print("The original list is : " + str(test_list))
# printing split list 
print("The split list is : " + str(split_list))
# Splitting string list by strings
# using loop + index() + list slicing
for start, end in split_list:
        temp1 = test_list.index(start)
        temp2 = test_list.index(end) + 1
        test_list[temp1 : temp2] = [test_list[temp1 : temp2]]
# printing result
print("The resultant split list is : " + str(test_list))
Output :
The original list is : ['gfg', 'is', 'best', 'for', 'CS', 'and', 'Maths']
The split list is : [('gfg', 'best'), ('CS', 'Maths')]
The resultant split list is : [['gfg', 'is', 'best'], 'for', ['CS', 'and', 'Maths']]

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