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Python – Sort words separated by Delimiter

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  • Last Updated : 22 Jul, 2021

Given string of words separated by some delimiter. The task is to sort all the words given in the string

Input : test_str = 'gfg:is:best:for:geeks', delim = "*" 
Output : best*for*geeks*gfg*is 
Explanation : Words sorted after separated by delim.

Input : test_str = 'gfg:is:best', delim = "*" 
Output : best*gfg*is 
Explanation : Words sorted after separated by delim. 

Method: Using sorted() + join() + split()

The combination of the above functions can be used to solve this problem. In this, we segregate all the words by a particular delimiter using split(), and convert to list, then perform the sort of words, then reconvert to string attaching by the same delimiter.


# Python3 code to demonstrate working of
# Sort words separated by Delimiter
# Using split() + join() + sorted()
# initializing string
test_str = 'gfg:is:best:for:geeks'
# printing original string
print("The original string is : " + str(test_str))
# initializing Delimiter
delim = ":"
# joining the sorted string after split
res = delim.join(sorted(test_str.split(':')))
# printing result
print("The sorted words : " + str(res))


The original string is : gfg:is:best:for:geeks
The sorted words : best:for:geeks:gfg:is

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